To expend student's specialized knowledge and humane equipment and emphasize democracy, law, morality and humanism.

To arouse student's potential and cultivate student’s ability of implementation, combining theory, practice and integration.

To analyze and design information systems to solve the questions in management and industry area.

Course Planning

Apart from the common courses outlined by the Ministry of Education, our professional courses have been arranged into two major fields:

Postgraduate Courses

Required Courses

1st Semester of 1st Grade : 

Research Methods(1) & Research Ethics  

2nd Semester of 1st Grade : 

Research Methods(2) 

Select Course

1st Semester of 1st Grade :

 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 、Introduction to Information Security 、ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS、 

 Database   System Concepts、Introduction to Software Engineering or Introduction to Digital Signal Processing。

2nd Semester of 1st Grade : 

Introduction to Machine Learning、Introduction to Data Mining、Cloud Computing Concept、

Introduction to Advanced Computer Vision or Introduction to Embedded Systems

1st Semester of 2st Grade : 

Cloud Computing Applications、Wireless Communications and Network Security、Social Media Analytics、

Development Trend of Smart Applications and IoT or Digital Content and Technologies Applications

2nd Semester of 2st Grade : 

Integrated Information System or Technology Commercialization.